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Publisher IATI Organisation Identifier Dataset Count Action
World Vision International US-EIN-95-3202116 2 Download
World Vision Netherlands NL-KVK-41179943 2 Download
World Vision Syria JO-CCD-2826 1 Download
World Vision UK GB-CHC-285908 35 Download
World Vision Zimbabwe ZW-PVO-26/79 1 Download
World Waternet NL-KVK-34271281 1 Download
World Wide Fund for Nature Belgium (WWF-BE) BE-BCE_KBO-0408656248 2 Download
World Wide Fund for Nature Denmark DK-CVR-40781218 2 Download
World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan 21-PK-WWF 2 Download
Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance GB-COH-06735120 1 Download
WWF Sweden SE-ON-802005-9823 1 Download
WWF-UK GB-CHC-1081247 18 Download
WYG International B.V. NL-KVK-06702132 2 Download
Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development YE-MSAL-80/295 2 Download
Y Care International GB-CHC-1109789 2 Download
YMCA of Liberia LR-MPEA-NGO-AC-0298 1 Download
Young Africa International HUB ZW-ROD-MA0000405/2015 1 Download
Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd NP-CRO-45995/063/064 2 Download