Solidaridad IATI Activity File

The Solidaridad IATI Activity File was updated with additional so-called Related Activity data to properly reflect the Programme-Project structure within the Solidaridad Network.

Until now, Solidaridad Network (4 IATI Publishers: Solidaridad, Solidaridad Europe, Solidaridad South & South-East Asia, and Solidaridad West Africa) has been publishing Results only at Project level, not at Programme level directly. Through the Related Activities, the Transactions and the Participating Organisations records in the Solidaridad Activity Files, one can consolidate Results at various levels. However, to more easily and directly provide insights into the Results planned and achieved at Programme level, we are now working to add the Programme Results directly in the IATI Activity File publications. We intend to publish these enhanced IATI Activity Files in August.

Additional Info

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License Creative Commons Attribution [Open Data]
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Publisher Organisation Type International NGO
Publisher Identifier NL-KVK-51756811
Publisher Country Netherlands
IATI data updated 2018-10-30 11:35
IATI registry updated 2018-11-22 23:18


IATI Standard Version 2.03
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