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IATI Publishers List

Publisher IATI Organisation Identifier Organisation Type HQ Country / Region Datasets
Acumen US-EIN-134166228 International NGO United States 1
Adam Smith International GB-COH-2732176 Private Sector United Kingdom 2
Adaptation Fund 47111 Multilateral United States 1
ADD International (Action on Disability and Development) GB-COH-294860 International NGO United Kingdom 14
Administração de Infra-Estruturas de Águas e Saneamento MZ-NUIT-700098168 Government Mozambique 1
ADRA Denmark DK-CVR-20074035 National NGO Denmark 2
ADRA-UK GB-CHC-1074937 International NGO United Kingdom 2
ADS-Nyanza KE-RCO-78260 Other Public Sector Kenya 1
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA Somalia) KE-NGC-663 International NGO Somalia 2
Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Nepal NP-IRD-302113730 International NGO Nepal 3
AECOM GB-COH-01846493 Private Sector United Kingdom 1
Aeras US-EIN-522044704 International NGO United States 2
AFELT KE-KRA-P051713416W Academic, Training and Research Kenya 2
AFEW International NL-KVK-34148682 International NGO Netherlands 1
Afghanaid GB-CHC-1045348 International NGO United Kingdom 1
Afghanistan and Central Asian Association GB-CHC-1096908 International NGO United Kingdom 2
Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) AF-MOE-1212 Academic, Training and Research Afghanistan 2
Africa Educational Trust GB-CHC-313139 International NGO United Kingdom 2