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IATI Publishers List

Publisher IATI Organisation Identifier Organisation Type HQ Country / Region Datasets
Young Africa International HUB ZW-ROD-MA0000405/2015 International NGO Zimbabwe 1
Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd NP-CRO-45995/063/064 Academic, Training and Research Nepal 2
Youth Business International GB-CHC-1123946 International NGO United Kingdom 1
Youth Development Labs Inc US-EIN-81-2339233 International NGO United States 1
Youth Net and Counselling - YONECO MW-CNM-C076-1999 National NGO Malawi 2
YWCA of Bangladesh BD-NAB-051 National NGO Bangladesh 1
Zambia Orphans Aid UK GB-CHC-1145721 International NGO United Kingdom 1
Zimbabwe Educational Trust GB-CHC-327519 International NGO United Kingdom 2
Zing GB-CHC-1133342 Foundation United Kingdom 1
ZOA NL-KVK-41009723 International NGO Netherlands 2
Zoological Society of London GB-COH-RC000749 International NGO United Kingdom 2