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IATI Publishers List

Publisher IATI Organisation Identifier Organisation Type HQ Country / Region Datasets
World Education Inc. US-EIN-13-1804349 Academic, Training and Research United States 1
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy NL-KVK-41153698 International NGO Netherlands 1
World Health Organization XM-DAC-928 Multilateral Switzerland 176
World Horse Welfare GB-CHC-206658 International NGO United Kingdom 2
World Jewish Relief GB-CHC-290767 International NGO United Kingdom 2
World Resources Institute US-EIN-521257057 International NGO United States 2
World University Service of Canada CA-CRA_ARC-119304848 International NGO Canada 2
World Vegetable Center XM-DAC-47008 International NGO Taiwan (Province of China) 9
World Vision Germany DE-CR-RA000209-VR1207 International NGO Germany 1
World Vision International US-EIN-95-3202116 International NGO United States 2
World Vision Netherlands NL-KVK-41179943 Foundation Netherlands 2
World Vision Syria JO-CCD-2826 International NGO Syrian Arab Republic 1
World Vision UK GB-CHC-285908 International NGO United Kingdom 35
World Vision Zimbabwe ZW-PVO-26/79 International NGO Zimbabwe 1
World Waternet NL-KVK-34271281 Foundation Netherlands 1