Using IATI Data

This Registry provides links to all raw data published using the IATI xml standard. This is machine-readable data that can be exchanged between, and used by, a growing number of tools and applications.


An API is available for accessing the meta-data held on the Registry.

The d-portal tool enables data users to view all IATI data either by country or by publisher.

Making direct use of IATI Data

There are many third party data tools and resources, including those using IATI data, listed in the Open Development Toolkit.

Developers can find information on working with IATI data here or access help from others in the IATI community in the Discuss forum.

Tracking IATI Data

The IATI Registry provides activity streams for all packages and publishers. These are accessible via the ‘history’ and ‘activity stream’ tab on any publisher page in the Registry (see image below). The IATI Dashboard provides a variety of statistics on IATI data and monitors updates to IATI data.

Publisher Page