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ActionAid UK is a member of the ActionAid International global federation which committed to finding sustainable solutions to end poverty and injustice. ActionAid focuses on working with millions of the poorest and most excluded women, men and children – taking sides with them, making long-term commitments to advance their human rights and to transform the world in which their children grow up.

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ActionAid’s mission is to eradicate poverty and injustice Our values include honesty and transparency. Our primary accountability is to people living in poverty and injustice, but we also balance our accountabilities to donors, supporters, staff and other stakeholders. ActionAid UK’s income comes from a variety of sources including from our 135,000 individual supporters, trusts and foundations, and institutions like DfID, and the EU. Ongoing regular donations from the public represent a particularly critical element of our funding mix - both in terms of proportion of our global income, but also in terms of its potential for both transformational and focused change. We use our funding mix holistically to deliver results in the communities in which we work. In addition, we use unrestricted income for activities which support the International Secretariat which supports 46 countries across the ActionAid Federation. In 2013 we raised £63.7 million, seeing a seven per cent increase in our income. For every £10 of the money we raised, £7.54 was spent on our charitable activity – £7.00 on our activities overseas and 54 pence in the UK on education outreach to schools and on campaigning. Of the remainder, £1.85 was spent on fundraising and 61 pence on UK support costs. ActionAid UK’s data that’s published to the IATI registry is summarised under the six categories above as this corresponds directly with our Trustee Report & Accounts for 2013 (and is therefore based on audited data): As we align our IATI reporting with our Trustee Report & Accounts, the bulk of our reporting to IATI is annual. We report on DfID contracts quarterly.

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Intend to publish on a quarterly basis following April 2014

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An activity is defined as a income generated activity

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Thresholds will not be applied to the data we publish in the initial period of publication. They will be applied in the future.

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The data ActionAid UK is publishing to the IATI website is of 2015 income (as in the past) and also expenditure on institutional donors and DEC. This data aligns with ActionAid UK trustee report and accounts 2015. The published data covers all core fields under the IATI/DFID standards. Where income has been accrued as required by SORP 2015, this has been treated as committed as opposed to incoming funds in the data. As our income comes from hundreds of thousands of individual people, community groups, trusts and foundations, we have not published their names as we do not have their permission to disclose their identity and details. We therefore have anonymised the data published to the IATI registry where that’s appropriate. Naturally we have disclosed information relating to official income from organisations such as DfID, EU, ECHO, Comic Relief, and Big Lottery. Our income from private individuals (committed giving) involves regular ongoing cash or direct debit payments and a large proportion of our loyal supporter base stay with us for many years. However, the IATI data format requires to enter start and end dates. Given that it is not easy to represent an ongoing income stream in IATI (and after having taken advice from IATI on how best to do this), we have stated start and end dates of 1st January and 31st December against all committed giving. Data for committed giving and Appeals has been summarised by beneficiary code summarised by product, for each month per country e.g. January child sponsorship – Nepal - £XX. For expenditure, data has been supplied only for DEC and Govs/EU grants and contract funds. Expenditure and disbursement data has not been provided for Appeals, NGOs, Committed Giving and Other. Although the data in the registry is based on audited data and quality checks have been undertaken before publication, it is possible that there may be some inaccuracies. Please contact if you have any comments or queries.

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