• research and share evidence on the price, availability and affordability of medicines, pharmaceutical marketing, adverse drug reactions and more. • build the expert capacity of civil society organisations in developing countries so they can hold governments accountable for ensuring access to affordable medicines. • analyse data and provide recommendations for government policies that impact medicines access and use. • hold duty bearers to account by exposing poor business practices that threaten proper medicine use and affordable access. • lead public awareness campaigns to raise awareness of medicine access and use issues. • manage large-scale projects with numerous partners and stakeholders.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Organisations / agencies covered

Health Action International (HAI) - Netherlands Health Promotion and Social Development (HEPS) - Uganda MeTA Zambia MeTA Kenya

Timeliness of Data

Periodically, within two weeks, depending on the type of data.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

For HAI it is one project, that contributes to the HSA4A programme. There are different strands to the project; core research managed centrally but conducted at country level; and country programmes, but we will report as our activity to deliver on MS platforms as one report, broken into country platforms and activities.

Segmentation of Published Data

Per country

Data Definitions and References

Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions




Other Constraints


Data Quality

We have a clearance process, so published material is internally checked for quality, accuracy and is verified. Sometimes it is peer reviewed, before publication.

User Interface

Yes, outputs will be transparent.

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