Tim Barker, Operational Support Coordinator



HelpAge International helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives. Our work is strengthened through our global network of like-minded organisations – the only one of its kind in the world.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

IATI data will initially cover only contracts funded directly or indirectly by the UK Department for International Development. We aim to extend our data to cover all donor contracts by March 2015.

Timeliness of Data

Financial data is normally available internally within four weeks of a month end. We aim to update financial information within one month of this data being available. New activities funded directly or indirectly by DFID will be published within three months of the start of their implementation.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Our initial aim is to publish quarterly in arrears as per the stages described above, i.e. In October each year for all periods to June In January each year for all periods to September In April each year for all periods to December In July each year for all periods to March (may be affected by financial year end processes). Internal systems will need embedding in almost 20 offices during 2013-2014. Subsequent to this, we would wish to improve the timeliness of reporting.

Units of Aid

An activity is defined as a contract presently.

Segmentation of Published Data

Initially publishing will be unsegmented. As the volume of activities published increases we aim to segment our data by country or region as sensible.

Data Definitions and References

No specific guides have been created for IATI presently. HelpAge International will be using a Reporting Organisation sector definition which is defined in our corporate strategy with links to this within our IATI organisational file.

Field Exclusions

HelpAge will not be publishing against: Policy markers Collaboration type Default finance type Default Aid type Default tied status Related activity Conditions Results (except via reporting documents) Planned disbursements No activity will be published that has a pipeline status. Collection of data for these elements is rarely undertaken within internal systems and investment in collecting and publishing this data is regarded as either having no discernible public benefit or the costs would not have obvious value for money.

Record Exclusions

An activity would only be excluded against the following criteria: "commercially sensitive information", "security and safety" and "personal information".


Thresholds will not be applied to the data we publish in the initial period of publication.

Other Constraints

Publishing documentation may be limited for some time. HelpAge does not have an internal web-based document storage facility at this time, so publishing URLs for documents is problematic.

Data Quality

Published data quality will be unaudited. Published information will be subject to the scrutiny, compliance and evaluation requirements of the donor concerned with any specific contract or HelpAge International's policies if stricter/more rigorous.

User Interface

Publishing will initially be to the IATI registry through AidStream. HelpAge is presently investigating the technical requirements for IATI data to be held on its own website and by what means the XML files can be visualised therein.

User Interface Website