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IWPR fills a critical gap by helping local journalists to focus on human rights and justice issues. Produces reports from unstable parts of the world that are too often ignored by the mainstream media.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

Multiple branches reporting on projects funded by multiple donors

Timeliness of Data

Data is published in relation to a reporting schedule and it is published as per the report submission deadlines. The IWPR will aim for publication of data on all projects with specific regularity in due course.

Frequency of publication

Less than annually

Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

Currently 'Activity' is defined at the project level. The IWPR will follow its internal matrix defining what will be published at which level.

Segmentation of Published Data

IATI data will be published as and when project/activity is deemed appropriate i.e. issues, completion etc.

Data Definitions and References

More information will be available pending alterations to website

Field Exclusions

Defined in the framework of IWPR's data policy

Record Exclusions

Our exclusion Policy defines is available here:


To be determined per Activity pending board approval or rejections

Other Constraints

To be defined in IWPR's framework on data policy.

Data Quality

The IWPR will only publish data that undergoes a robust internal verification.

User Interface

Defined in IWPR's framework on data policy.

User Interface Website