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The Netherlands Red Cross is part of the worldwide Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Our mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may occur, to protect lives and health and to ensure respect for humanity.

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Units of Aid

International activities are structured in two levels: programs and projects. In general, programs aim to overcome a crisis (e.g. Ebola), address a silent crises or prepare communities for future crises (disaster preparedness). Funding from donors is usually sought at the program level. These programs are then subdivided into one or multiple implementing projects. Both levels of activities are published in the Netherlands Red Cross open data set. Programs are indicated with ‘hierarchy=1’, projects are indicated with ‘hierarchy=2’. The relation between programs and the underlying projects can be found in the ‘related activity’ element.

Segmentation of Published Data

All data is published in one file.

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Record Exclusions

Information affecting relations between partner organisations and government/other NGOs (human rights work or work in some conflict affected states); Detailed specific information that affects the safety and security of NGO staff, partner staff or people reached; Specific personal information of individual staff and/or partners (e.g. addresses); Commercially sensitive information (salaries, consultant fees); Information that is exempt under data protection laws or by pre-existing organizational policies.


The Netherlands Red Cross publishes a full dataset for all the international activities that are active (haven’t been completed yet) from January 2016 onwards. The dataset also contains older projects, but in these cases some details may not be present.

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Data Quality

This data is derived directly from our internal operational systems, without any further checks or quality control.

User Interface

A map and project pages can be found on our public website.

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