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Oxfam Novib is a leading international NGO with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the delivery of aid and development work. Our purpose is to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering. Oxfam Novib is a member of Oxfam International.

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Implementation Schedule Open Data/Implementation-Schedule-ENG_ON_DEF.pdf

Organisations / agencies covered

This data relates to Oxfam Novib. The exclusions and thresholds are detailed below.

Timeliness of Data

Data is published every night.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

Oxfam Novib has a multi-tiered activity structure of Projects grouped into Programmes. We are currently publishing Projects as hierarachy 2 activities and programmes as hierarchy 1 activities.

Segmentation of Published Data

No segmentation

Data Definitions and References

Oxfam Novib uses its own categorisation for Sector data. We have 5 Aims (1) A Sustainable Livelihood (2) Education and Health Care (3) Life and Security (4) Right to be Heard (5) Right to Equity - Gender and Diversity. Our definition of Budget is the Total Project Value i.e. previous years' expenditure and current/future years' commitment.

Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

Projects with internal or high sensitivity for security reasons are excluded. Campaigning and Advocacy are excluded for now.



Other Constraints


Data Quality

Past expenditure has been audited. Future budgets and Project narrative is subject to change. This information has primarily been written for an internal audience and may use Oxfam Novib terminology.

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