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PSI is a global health organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world by focusing on serious challenges like a lack of family planning, HIV and AIDS, barriers to maternal health, and the greatest threats to children under five, including malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition. A hallmark of PSI is a commitment to the principle that health services and products are most effective when they are accompanied by robust communications and distribution efforts that help ensure wide acceptance and proper use. In each of its platforms, PSI works in partnership with local governments, ministries of health and local organizations – creating health solutions that are built to last.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule

Starting February 2013, PSI will begin publishing data

Organisations / agencies covered

PSI, dependent on donor agreement, agree to publish IATI data for all new projects for which PSI is the prime recipient. At this point it is not possible to estimate what % of total financial flows this will comprise.

Timeliness of Data

Data will be published quarterly, 45 days after the close of the quarter. For example, reports for the period Jan-March will be published May 15.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)


Units of Aid

PSI will publish all activities at the award level. A project may have multiple facets (e.g. multiple health areas or multiple countries) and these will be captured at the award level.

Segmentation of Published Data

Single file. PSI may track an award by country / countries / regions. In cases where awards have been granted for a group of countries or a region, PSI will not breakdown the activity by country.

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

Exclusions include: PSI will not be publishing any data for activities until after receiving consent for this publication from the respective donors. PSI will not be publishing historical data (i.e. data from before the date of Initial Implementation). PSI will only report activities for which they are the prime recipient.


PSI will not have a minimum value level for activities to be published.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

Unverified data will be published prior to verification through PSI's annual financial audits.

User Interface


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