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Please note that there are no new activities.

IATI identifier

NL-KVK-34200988 (deprecated)

Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered


Timeliness of Data


Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Data is exported in IATI XML format in real time from the project management system.

Units of Aid


Segmentation of Published Data

Each project has a main funding programme, even if there is cofunding from other programmes. All activities are published in one single file.

Data Definitions and References

If internal codelists are available, they are included in the IATI xml file as comments. Internal data that is needed for publishers, but that is not available in the IATI namespace, is added in the RAIN namespace.

Field Exclusions

Transaction details : these data are available in a seperate accounting system and excluded.

Record Exclusions

The project manager of the project decides on publication status. The policy for that is work in progress. Generally only contracted projects are published.


Organisational details that point directly to fysical persons are anonymised Internal projects with no direct donor or programme budgets are excluded. The full exclusion policy will be made available on the RAIN website.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

The data may be incomplete or missing : IATI users are kindly invited to report omissions or errors.

User Interface


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