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Solidaridad is an international civil society organization with more than 45 years of global experience in facilitating the development of socially responsible, ecologically sound and profitable supply chains. Solidaridad works across 13 supply chains and operates through 9 regional offices on 5 continents. Ensuring quality of life and a healthy planet for all of us requires continuous effort and mutual cooperation from all parties involved. It also means creating products and processes along supply chains that will help us transition towards a fully inclusive, sustainable economy. There are many values, interests and agendas at play in this transition. And sometimes they conflict. Yet our experience has shown that by connecting, partnering and collaborating with all players, it is possible to reconcile social and ecological responsibilities with supply chain and market realities. To do that, Solidaridad pioneers innovative certification schemes, establishes producer education programmes, supports good business practices, shapes national and international policy, creates new market linkages, builds knowledge-based commodity solutions and more. Investing in structural change – like safeguarding food security, strengthening acceptable labour conditions and a living wage, creating infrastructures for responsible mining, and facilitating access to investment – is the only way to sustain positive impact on the health and livelihoods of people and the planet not just for today, but well into the future.

IATI identifier


Implementation Schedule


Organisations / agencies covered

Solidaridad South & South-East is part of the Solidaridad Network which consists of 9 Regional Expertise Centres (REC). Three RECs (Europe, South & South-East Asia, and West Africa) publish their data separately while the remaining RECs (China, East & Central Africa, Southern Africa, South America, Central America and North America) publish their data jointly as Solidaridad.

Timeliness of Data

The Solidaridad Network works with a live cloud-based ( network-wide information system called Solidaridad Plaza. In Solidaridad Plaza all nine Regional Expertise Centres (REC) of the Solidaridad Network plan, manage, and monitor their sustainable development programmes, both financially and programmatically. On a quarterly basis, the IATI datasets are gleaned from the live Solidaridad Plaza database for each of the nine RECs and published to the IATI website. While the data on Solidaridad Plaza is live, internal (financial) control and reporting at Solidaridad Network level are conducted on a quarterly basis. Thus, toward the end of each quarter, each REC ensures their data in Solidaridad Plaza are up to date and reports to the Solidaridad Network Secretariat as well as to the other RECs. This is also when the IATI datasets are published.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Occasionally, IATI datasets will be published in between quarters when significant amounts of data have been added or updated in Solidaridad Plaza.

Units of Aid

Activities are defined as either a project or a (major) grant contract. Within the Solidaridad Network each project is funded by one or more grant contracts. Each project and each grant contract is owned by one of the nine Solidaridad Regional Expertise Centres (RECs). This REC is accountable for the project or grant contract and thus includes it in its IATI dataset. Incoming grant contracts are allocated to projects. Outgoing funds (expenditures) are always part of a project. Both grant contracts and projects, and all the interactions between and among them are published in the IATI datasets of the four Solidaridad publishers.

Segmentation of Published Data

No, the IATI data are not segmented by country or region. There are four separate Solidaridad IATI publishers.

Data Definitions and References


Field Exclusions


Record Exclusions

The Solidaridad IATI Activity Files currently only include those activities (projects and grant contracts) funded or co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuZa/DGIS).


Solidaridad does not apply thresholds to the publication of its IATI Activity datasets.

Other Constraints


Data Quality

Internal review and approval flows apply to the data of each and every project and grant contract in Solidaridad's cloud-based information system called Solidaridad Plaza. Internal (financial) control and reporting at Solidaridad Network level are conducted on a quarterly basis and external audits of all nine Solidaridad Regional Expertise Centres on an annual basis.

User Interface

Initially, the Solidaridad IATI Activity Files will be published in the IATI .xml format only. Together with other IATI publishers Solidaridad will explore options and possibilities for developing and or joining the development of more comprehensive and user-friendly interfaces for online publishing.

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