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World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision is dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people and serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. The World Vision "partnership" is a federation of independent national level World Vision entities and World Vision International, which is the operating entity in some countries and also acts as the coordinating body for the partnership.

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Organisations / agencies covered

World Vision International started publishing in 2015, on behalf of all World Vision offices receiving grant funding (with the exception of World Vision UK and World Vision Netherlands who have contractual obligations thus publish in greater detail than World Vision International). In the summer of 2019, we reviewed our publishing approach and now World Vision publishes two separate types of data on the Registry; 1) Field Offices Expenditure by Sector and 2) Support Offices Institutional Grants. World Vision International publishes on behalf of field offices their expenditure by key sectors: Child Protection & Participation, Disaster Management, Education, Food Assistance, Health & Nutrition, Livelihoods, Water and Sanitation and our Drivers of Sustainability. For our Support Offices, each may publish their data under their respective office; this is to ensure visibility, ownership and alignment with donor reporting. Note there may be differences in funding flows reported between World Vision International and funding offices to field offices. For more information about our offices, visit our website:

Timeliness of Data

The data published on the IATI Registry every quarter will have 3 – 4 months lag for Field Offices, and for Support Offices up to 12 months lag. For Field Offices, the data on expenditure by sectors is disaggregated by year and we publish the total expenditure with the date of the most recent update.

Frequency of publication


Frequency of publication (extra comments)

Quarterly for Field Offices / Annually for Support Offices

Units of Aid

World Vision is currently publishing two separate types of data on the Registry related to its Field Offices (implement our programs) and Support Offices (fund our programs). For its Field Offices, World Vision International publishes on behalf of its Field Offices their expenditure by sector disaggregated by financial year and whether the programming is categorized as ‘development’ or ‘humanitarian’. Each field office is covered by one activity. For Support Offices, each institutional grant is the unit of aid and is largely dependent on the donor, sectors, recipient country, etc. Grant data should link clearly to the field activities, showing how those grants are part of a wider programming portfolio in that country. Multi-country grants and grants held by consortia of offices within World Vision are all published as single activities. Where World Vision is a member of a consortium led by another agency, that lead agency which distributes the funds on behalf of the consortium is identified as the donor.

Segmentation of Published Data

For both Field Offices and Support Offices, the data is currently published as a single activity file.

Data Definitions and References

For Field Offices, internal sector codes for Child Protection & Participation, Disaster Management, Education, Food Assistance, Health & Nutrition, Livelihoods, Water and Sanitation and our Drivers of Sustainability have been mapped out to DAC 3 CRS codes for IATI compatibility. As such, World Vision sector codes may not completely align with the DAC 3 CRS codes. For a better understanding, you may reference each Field Office transaction. For Support Offices we use the same translation from World Vision sector codes to OECD 3 digit sector codes.

Field Exclusions

Currently working on including results based on the data posted on the IATI registry.

Record Exclusions

World Vision excludes information where a) there are security concerns, in order to protect those working in sensitive geographic environments, b) information may be politically or culturally sensitive and c) funding partners specify that they should be excluded. More details on information that can be made available to the public is in World Vision’s Open Information policy here:


There are no minimum funding thresholds.

Other Constraints

No other constraints.

Data Quality

World Vision’s approaches IATI as an open data initiative. The data published undergoes a rigorous process of internal validation before it is posted on the registry. The data is not yet comprehensive of all of World Vision’s operations, given the above mentioned exclusions and occasions when accurate and complete data is not yet available, and so there may be some differences with other published financial data. World Vision International’s annual Accountability Report provides fuller financial data and discloses the proportion of funds on programming, fundraising, and administrative costs, along with other information that enables stakeholders to hold World Vision to account in fulfilling its promises.

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